The commencement of the MUN season begins with a three-day event organized by The Lahore Alma every year, The Lahore Alma Model United Nations, more commonly known as LAMUN. This reputable MUN presents delegates with the invaluable opportunity to polish up their debating abilities and hone their skills. Delegates embrace the roles of leading figures in the United Nations, foreign governments, and National cabinets, to exchange perspectives about subjects applicable to today’s world.

LAMUN 2023 aims to go beyond the conventional practice of following parliamentary procedures for the sake of it. LAMUN aspires to motivate delegates to realize the value and purpose underlying these formal proceedings that are an intrinsic part of any conference. The actual function of this MUN is to develop viable and feasible solutions faced by the world at such a pivotal juncture in its history. The foremost ambition of this conference is re-igniting the passion to reach diplomatic solutions to global issues while maintaining the fiery spirit of competition.

From rigorous debates in classrooms to the most thrilling social events, LAMUN offers a lifetime experience where delegates socialize and learn, along with a lot of entertainment. LAMUN promises to make these three days unforgettable for our proficient delegates, not solely concerning the debates and drama of the committee sessions but also exhilarating socials. Our diligent and persistent Host Team is working round the clock to ensure a well-organized and fruitful LAMUN.