The United Nations Security Council (UNSC) is one of the six most significant committees of the UN. It comprises 15 members, 5 seats of which are permanently held by the victor states of World War Two and the other 10 seats’ members are elected on a regional basis for two-year tenures. The headquarters of UNSC is based in New York, USA.

The UNSC is principally responsible for cementing international peace and security, along with accepting new member countries to the UN and substantiating any amendments made in the Charter of The United Nations. After assessing any breach in the global peace, the UNSC is responsible for calling on the parties at dispute to settle these differences through peaceful meditation, and will often send its own envoys for this purpose. If more strict action is essential, it can also enforce cooperation through the deployment of international sanctions on the differing countries. As a last resort, the UNSC can also authorise the use of military force in peacekeeping efforts to uphold the stability and consensus it works hard to maintain.